Pets King™ Dog Carrier Backpack



Weight (lbs)

M 0-9lb
L 10-30lb
XL 30-55lb

Whether you’re heading off on vacation or running errands around town, going with your dog in style is the wish of every owner. After all, our dogs are family and we should be able to enjoy their company in every type of situation.

One another reason why you may need a Pets King™ Dog Carrier Backpack for the smaller breeds is safety: if you’re attending an event with large crowds your dog can easily be stepped on by an innocent bystander and aside from possible injuries, his initial reaction may not be all that friendly…

But how do you bring your dog to the places you want without hassle? You don’t want to embark on a long hike and find out you need to cut it short or have to carry your dog in your arms all the way back.

Therefore our Pets King™ Dog Carrier Backpack is perfect to give your pet a “Piggy-back” ride! Go on Pet-ventures with your pets without having to worry about them!

Pets King™ Dog Carrier Backpack is designed with a thick rest bottom pad and an adjustable cavity size that makes your pet feel safe and comfortable. The 3 pockets are provided for you to tuck in your pet’s snacks and essentials! The backpack is well ventilated and will make your traveling fuss-free.

The 2 Shoulder straps + Hip belt are broad and sturdy to minimize jerky movements and an extra collar D-ring inside the backpack, holds your pup in place and ensures a smooth and safe journey for your fur kid.